The Yew Speaks On St Brigid’s Day by Kate Firth



Formerly an actress, Kate Firth is a voice coach based in Barcelona. She has had poems published in various anthologies and magazines. Passionate about poetry as an oral as well as written tradition, she has performed at Bristol, Cheltenham and Winchester poetry festivals.




















out-striding the storm

                                      you step

under a fallen beech


two ridges in the gorge    


a stream flowing from flooded field

to quagmire in the wood; rain water

stripping mud

                        from the stones    


                you stop











          between    its branches

  an ancient yew    holds open a hollow


      -into this gap-


            –you whisper a wish

            half trusting heartwood

      to soak up your hope   with its sap


            the crumpled face

            in this thousand year trunk    


            and tells you its blessing


– a shift     and stretch   in the season    

            the tug    

            of thin sun

           to an invisible swelling of green




Kate Firth


Crackington Haven on New Year’s Eve by Kate Firth