Flash by Alison Brackenbury



Alison Brackenbury’s Selected Poems, Gallop, was published in 2019 by Carcanet. New poems can be read on her website:





























In Kenya, to bleached branch it came,

noon’s bird, Malachite kingfisher.

Even the broad beak borrowed flame.


At Rousham – was the Cherwell there? –

with friends who, later, trekked through hell,

sun’s amber, fallen skies lit air.


Near Oxford, by the stained canal

your latest love turned unkind. You

watched rainstorms fade. Wings burned banks blue.


When the drab days unwind you

do not put streams behind you.

Wait for the light to blind you.


Alison Brackenbury


Published in The Countryman.


’75 by Alison Brackenbury