The girl who can talk to birds by Finola Scott



Finola Scott is widely published including in Gutter, Ink, Sweat & Tears, The Ofi Press and The Fenland Reed. Recently she was one of the winners in The Blue Nib‘s chapbook competition and was runner up in Coast to Coast’s pamphlet competition. Her pamphlet is forthcoming from Red Squirrel this autumn. Her poetry can be found on fb at Finola Scott Poems.




















The girl who can talk to birds 







strides into the forest. Her unicorn bag

packed with toy bread, sea shells,

magnifying glass, she’s prepared.

In dapple-brightness she stops and

whistles. Her special whistle. The one

the birds know. The one she taught them.

A hornbill trumpets reply. She smiles.

Baby-boned arms outstretched, she twirls

and calls. Flap your wings birdies then up,

up she flutters all spangles and pink tutu.

Perched cloud high she canopy-dances,

in flurries of macaws and toucans.



Finola Scott


A version was previously published in Play Anthology, Paper dart Press 2018.