Strange Spring by Kate Firth



Formerly an actress, Kate Firth is a voice coach based in Barcelona. She has had poems published in various anthologies and magazines. Passionate about poetry as an oral as well as written tradition, she has performed at Bristol, Cheltenham and Winchester poetry festivals.



























I spoke to the tulip

about this weird and freezing spring,

I wanted its opinion

on climate change and suffering

and it said

                     this is not suffering:

it is a question of enduring the cold:

the light

                is growing

and we are growing towards it. 

Go tell them this.


I spoke to my hips

and they danced me warm along the street

out along the river to look for wild grasses

and grazing sheep

and the pieces of living earth


from my belly. 


I danced my hips

along the flowing river and the river blessed

me with its shining water of delight,

uplifting the reeds, the hidden fish, the light

and shining it back to the sky.


I spoke to the rooftops

and they said nothing

but softened

their tiles about the houses

hugged their walls

and surrendered

to the belching out of smoke

from their chimneys.


I spoke to the earth that holds

the tulips, that grounds

the houses, that feeds

the grazing sheep beside the river

that dances my hips along its banks

and the earth said simply

                                             land here.


Kate Firth


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