In the wild by Donna Kirstein



Donna Kirstein is a poet, writer and creative professional who currently lives by the seaside in the UK. Donna’s debut poetry collection Borderlands was published by Liquorice Fish Books in 2017, and her award-winning poems and short stories have been published in several anthologies internationally. Her website can be found at:  


In the wild



We spot them, in the wild

            or out of it      to be exact,

a remnant                   of nature exiled.

Ignoring us,                they pause to sniff the air:


two wary foxes.         Behind them

graffiti green creeps across a concrete wall          

uncultivated              ivy sprawls

                       from the surface cracks


in the parking lot.     

It is a rough unreasoned night:

            primitive        trolleys roll without restraint

standing guard         against the streetlights.



We are interlopers. We freeze in the shadows.

Waiting for them to move on: to free us.



Donna Kirstein