Ladybird by Z. D. Dicks




Z D Dicks has just released his first poetry collection Malcontent and his second Intimate Nature will be out in September. Dicks spends his time mentoring/showcasing poets as director of the Gloucestershire Poetry Society and The Gloucester Poetry Festival, as well as reading his work across the UK. He has had work featured in many respected publications such as Ink Sweat and Tears and Three Drops from a Cauldron and countless anthologies.































In bed     I felt a guest     a ladybird

cresting over sock toe     and I strain

push chin to rib     to the mountain base

black cotton     that is my heel


I imagine the climb     through

segmented eyes     and ganglions

feeding movement     the pull at elastic

the reveal of peak     and fabric ranges


The ladybird doesn’t see a face

attached     to the country of head

as it sifts     taps ankle     clambers

over pores     like a hiker through trees


We share the sock     inside and out

both comforted     by stitching

but I bend     for a tickle in palm

knowing my calf     would crush shell


I unbolt the front door     prickled

with absence of warmth

mourn     heat not given

and sling it     to street cold



Z. D. Dicks