June Gap by Rachel Bower


Rachel Bower is an award-winning writer from Bradford. She is the author of two poetry collections (These Mothers of Gods and Moon Milk) and a book on literary letters. She is currently writing a collection of poems about endangered insects. Rachel’s poems and stories have been widely published in literary magazines, including The White Review, Magma and Stand. She won The London Magazine Short Story Prize 2019/20 and the W&A Short Story Competition 2020. Rachel facilitates workshops for a wide range of people and organisations and her work is represented by Cathryn Summerhayes at Curtis Brown. 

Twitter: @rachelebower

Website: rachelbower.net


























it sounds          like a throng                                                 of bees


fizzing             in the purple geraniums                      of your border


but the truth                is not always    how it sounds



cover crops                 of white clover                        phacelia  


yellow mustard                                 dropped                      



meadows lopped                                 old       pippin             chopped



while that bristle                                      of        wings


starve                 their way                         into June


Rachel Bower


*The June Gap is a period of a sudden and significant reduction in the availability of pollen and nectar for honeybees in the UK: a phenomenon of recent decades.


Rachel’s latest collection, These Mothers of Gods, is available from Fly on the Wall Press. Click the cover for details.