Wisht by Julie Hogg



Julie Hogg is published in many literary journals including Abridged, Black Light Engine Room, Butcher’s Dog, Corrugated Wave, Honest Ulsterman, Irisi, Poethead, Poetry Bus Mag, Proletarian Poetry and Well Versed. Featured in anthologies by Ek Zuban, Litmus, Zoomorphic and Seren, her debut pamphlet Majuba Road is available from Vane Women Press.










brized in black heath

dry on dead ground


vigorous gorse   flisky

adders   clitters   sand


flutters of peat signed

with the slick of it  a


slut of a path   gentle

gradient of that bank


Sheele’s Green   whet

plain   this haunt of


hoof and hock   shy

eyes   akin   sweet gale


Julie Hogg