Beach Walk by Sue Johnson

Sue Johnson is a poet, short story writer and novelist. Her other interests include reading, walking and yoga. Sue is a Writing Magazine Creative Writing Tutor and also runs her own brand of writing workshops. Further details of her work can be found at


Beach Walk


I walk the strand line of a winter beach.

Mist blurs the horizon and my lips taste of salt.

My boots crunch pebbles – mustard yellow,

duck egg blue, milk chocolate

as I remember childhood games and pretend picnics

with dolls and teddies lined up along the breakwater.


I take off my boots and walk barefoot

on cool damp sand

towards the frilled edge of the sea

collect shells and seaweed

and watch the endless patterns of birds

across ice blue sky.



When the yoga teacher tells us to move fingers and toes

circle wrists and ankles

deepen our breathing

open our eyes


I resurface through the gap in time

surprised to find my feet are warm and dry.


Sue Johnson