Glimpses by Gail Aldwin


by Gail Aldwin

Gail Aldwin is a prize-winning writer of short fiction and poetry. As Chair of the Dorset Writers’ Network, she works with the steering group to support writers by connecting creative communities across the county. She is a visiting tutor at Arts University Bournemouth and author of Paisley Shirt a collection of flash fiction.



The bird is on its back, the wing spreads

sweet summer jasmine streaks the air

and cracks. Pinch the loose skin

finding sunlight. Honeysuckle ambles,

to separate the socket from the line of fat.

through privet, dusty clematis buds trail

At the head end, cut the rib cage

then stretch to greet hawthorn. Blooms

reserve the backbone and neck for stock

cluster and weave through leaves. Drowsy days

find the cartilage and snap the reddish bone

where gauzy warmth meanders.

Leave the wishbone on the windowsill to dry.


gail aldwin