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— Guidelines for Submission

We are open for submissions of poetry, and short fiction themed on ‘the countryside’ for our website (print anthology submissions are now closed) —the theme will be interpreted widely and includes urban nature. 

We appreciate every submission and aim to respond as quickly as possible. Please do feel free to give us a nudge if we are keeping you hanging. 


There is currently around a four-month delay between a submission being accepted and its publication on the website. 

No payment is being offered because revenue from the sale of the anthology will be donated to the ADD campaign.

Though Words for the Wild is connected to Hampshire, we welcome submissions from anywhere in the world. 


For guidelines on submitting to our Spring Theme, click the link. STREAMS



Submissions for the website are invited for unpublished short stories and flash fiction. Please send up to 2 stories as a single Word document attachment to  Stories should be a maximum of 3,600 words. 



Submissions for the website are invited for unpublished poems. Please send up to 4 poems as a single Word document attachment to Poems should be a maximum of 40 lines. 

Further Information


We are looking for stories and poems with a rural element — of  woodland, field, river, pond, lake or beach, maybe a rocky crag or a chalk stream, or a patch of green grass or a copse of nettles and brambles, perhaps a gap between buildings that resonates with wildness, a dandelion growing between kerbstones. The work doesn’t need to be about conservation or environmental issues — it can be, but it might not  — we are longing for interpretation.

All works of original fiction and poetry are published with the permission of the individual author, and all copyright to a work remains with its author. Work published on our site may not be reproduced without permission.

We hope that you will consider submitting your work to us, and we will read it carefully and kindly.

Stories and Poems


6 thoughts on “General Submissions

  1. This looks like an exciting project! One quick question.

    When you ask for ‘previously unpublished’ works, does online publication (on blogs or other sites) count, or do you mean paper publication?

    1. Hi David,
      Thank you for considering us for your work. We are happy to publish work that has been online for a short time, as long as it isn’t online any more. I hope that answers your question.
      All the best,

  2. Love your ethos and that I am Amanda Louise fitting your names! Though I can’t make this deadline I have many poems and stories unpublished on your theme having been an environmental campaigner since childhood. Maybe next time as the lurgy has got me at the moment. Good luck.

    1. Hi Amanda – website submissions are ongoing, we’d love to read your work so do send us something when you can.
      Get well, Amanda

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