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From the flash of a kingfisher on a summer river to a muddy estuary at dusk, our beautiful anthology takes you on a journey through woodland, coast and mountains. 104 pages of poetry and short stories rooted in the countryside. 


We have a few copies of our anthology left, and all proceeds will go towards the publication of a new project. It is a great read, perfect for the cold winter days when the countryside might best be enjoyed from a comfortable fireside chair?

If you are in the U.K. and would like to buy a copy, please use the PayPal button below. The price, £7.00, includes postage. If you are outside the U.K. please email us for a price at


Poems and Stories by:

– Gail Aldwin – Elizabeth Baines – Roger Bloor – Susmita Bhattacharya – Robyn Bolam – Stephen Boyce – Stewart Carswell – Caroline Davies – Wendy Dishman – Sarah Doyle – Hugh Dunkerley – Claire Fuller – Lydia Fulleylove – Raine Geoghegan – Mark Goodwin — Linda Goulden – Hugh Greasley – Robert Hamberger – Hilary Hares – Judith Heneghan – Hilaire – Charlie Hill – Gill Horitz – Mandy Huggins – Ali Jones – Calum Kerr – S.A. Leavesley – Wes Lee – Rebecca Lyon – Joan McGavin – Kathryn Metcalfe – Rachael McGill – Maxine Rose Munro – Amanda Oosthuizen – Ilse Pedler – Patsy Rath — Lisa Reily – Andrea Robinson – Isabel Rogers – Amanda Saint – Steve Scholey – Elisabeth Sennitt Clough – Sue Spiers – Richard Stillman – Louise Taylor – MC Thompson – Serena Trowbridge – Thomas Tyrrell – Ruth E. Walker – Sue Wrinch – 




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