Petworth by Leanne Coombes


Leanne is a passionate advocate for nature, self-expression and the transformational abilities of both. She is currently training to teach yoga and enjoys writing in her spare time. Leanne studied Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Chichester and lives and works in Tring. Instagram: @leannejennayoga 













I wanted you impressed.

‘Close your eyes’ I said.

You nudged me off the path.

No one can walk straight blind.


Acres lay before us then,

as we sat on the lip of the bowl.

Patches of sun swam lengths,

we chased them with our eyes.


‘Watch that tree burn in light’ I said.

‘Shy away from the glance of strangers.’

You kissed me on the mouth,

a separation between myself and Nature.


You took my photograph

more times than I liked

and found a decaying rabbit at the base of a stone wall,

you told me not to look at it.


But I did.

That rabbit ended up

in our fresh bed that night,

blackened with death and uninvited.

Leanne Coombes