Mallard by Ion Corcos

Ion Corcos has been published in The High Window, Australian Poetry Journal, AllegroPanoply, and other journals. Ion is a nature lover and a supporter of animal rights. He is currently travelling indefinitely with his partner, Lisa. His first pamphlet, A Spoon of Honey (Flutter Press, 2018), is out now.






Blue-green head

dips into still water; pointed tail

upended, red flippers

kick fast in the air;


the mallard sifts seeds,

hooks a tadpole with a barb

at the tip of its bill.

It tilts back to resurface,

chestnut breast,

white collar round its neck;

tilts its tail further,

pushes upright

extends its broad wings

bares an iridescent patch,

the blue of dusk sky.



Ion Corcos