Cavity by Roger Bloor

Roger Bloor is a retired psychiatrist and is currently a student on the MA in Poetry Writing from Newcastle University studying at the Poetry School in London. He has published poems in the Hippocrates Prize Anthology (2017) and Still Born (Affect Formations 2018) as well as occasional online Instagram poems.




a rough made wall

man high – man built

step by sweating step

along the steep road

stone on stone – solid

stacked upon the last

with deep carved capstones

hauled high above 

while time worn mortar

stressed and cracked

by probing rowan roots

and writhing bramble stems

by stone-crop seeds

and folded fronds of fern

yields and loosens    

  loosing hold on captive stone

while deep in dark depths

of cracks and cavity

life holds its breath

and waits.


Roger Bloor