I Miss Making Maps by Matthew James Friday




Matthew James Friday has had poems published in numerous international magazines and journals, including, recently: The Brasilia Review (Brazil), Dawntreader (UK), New Contrast (South Africa) and Poetry Salzburg (Austria). A mini-chapbook titled All the Ways to Love was published by the Origami Poems Project (USA).



i miss making maps



When I was a boy

I was not afraid

of reaching Lands End.


I lost myself exploring

the hardback Ordinance

Survey Book of Britain,


inspired by the colours,

contours, the way a flat

aerial view gained dimensions


in my unmapped imagination.

I drew maps of imagined lands.

The pencil could never catch


the dream, but I sketched

views around me: soft hills,

woods with hidden predators,


rivers wriggling towards estuaries,

a mouthy coastline and islands,

distant moors on a misty edge.


For hours, my unreal maps

and the real world around me

had no physical difference.


I hovered above both,

watching landscapes unfold,

hoping to always float above.



matthew james friday


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