park yourself here by Hilaire







park yourself here 


on a bench meant

only for you.


sit while the world crazies on.

sit still as your mind shifts

to neutral and every scent

from worked earth to early lilac

tingles across your tongue.


sit with your eyes shut

and your ears wide to the pwee

and coo and chak-chak

of bird-babel, to windswell

through treetops, murmuring grasses.


you are here

on the one bench that exists

in this infinite pinprick universe.


the bench accepts your presence,

logs one more memory.





Hilaire was poet-in-residence at Thrive Battersea 2017. She has been published in magazines such as Brittle Star, ARTEMISpoetry and South Bank Poetry, and in three anthologies from The Emma Press. London Undercurrents poetry project, co-founded with Joolz Sparkes, was recently awarded Arts Council research and development funding.