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                 The Girl in the Valley          


–   Maggie Freeman 

                 It’s a Flower on Chalk            


–   Angela Ward 



–   S.A. Leavesley 

                 In the gloaming            


–   Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon 



–   Paul Summers 

                 A charm            


–   Rebecca Gethin 

                 Old Men and the Sea           


–   Barbara Lovric 

                 Just an old grey Volkswagen  


–   Sandra Arnold 



–  Alan McCormick

      Wildflo Wers  


–  Allen Ashley

                 nanna’s garden          


–   Lisa Reily

                 Brown Dwarf Star             

Coming soon….

–   Deborah Harvey 


Coming soon….

–   Ion Corcos 

                 Four Poems             

Coming soon….

–   Elizabeth Spencer Spragins 



–  Roger Bloor

                Wish You Were Here          


–  Alan McCormick

                Waving in the Wind          


–  Deborah Freeman



–  Sharon Phillips

                Villanelle for 1976          


–  Isabel Ashdown



–  Robert Hughes

                  Rooks’ Flight           


–  Alyson Faye 

                Beside the Grave of Abram Wood           


–  Frances Roberts Reilly

                 Wild Things Arrest Me           


–  Jake Aller 

                Tide Clock          


–  Hugh Greasley 

               In the wild         


–  Donna Kirstein 

                Walk to Wardour Castle with Stevie Smith          


–  Helen Whitten 

                The Trees          


–  Kevin Barrett 

               A Plea for the Salton Sea         


–  Kimmy Alan 

               The Great Banded Grayling Emerges in September        


–  Glenn Hubbard

               Climate Change       


–  Ibrahim Salihu

              LUCKY FOR SOME        


–  Rob Walton

              Inter-City Fox        


–  Wendy Dishman

               Persephone Tastes the Earth        


–  Ali Jones

               Urban Spring        


–  Lynda O’Neil



–  Joan McNerney

               A Point to it All        


–  John Herbert 



–  Serena Trowbridge

              Quilt me a blanket       


–  Selma Carvalho

               The Glosters Return       


–  Patrick Williamson

              Beach Walk    


–  Sue Johnson

              Gull Tide    


–  Anne Sherry

             Marlborough Downs     


–  Michael Spring

              The Downs at Dusk     


–  Kenneth Spring



–  Rachael McGill

             Seven Sisters     


–  David Webb

             The Picnic     


–  Alison Lock

             The clearing    


–  Stewart Carswell

            A Declaration    


–  Mark Rutterford



–  Mandy Huggins



–  Gill Horitz

           kingf   isher just    


–  Mark Goodwin

            A line of Oaks    


–  Samantha Jayasuriya



–  Patsy Rath

           In the Lap of the Gods   


–  Susmita Bhattacharya



–  MC Thompson

          Rain Started High    


–  Joan McGavin



–  Ilse Pedler 

           If Bees Could Talk    


–  Sally Russell



–  Stephen Boyce



–  Ibrahim Salihu

         A Springless Future  


–  Geoff Le Pard



–  Stephen Bone

         A new Purana  


–  Victoria Bird

        A Planet Where 


–  S.A. Leavesley



–  Gail Aldwin

       The Lungo Drom   


–  Raine Geoghegan



–  Linda Goulden



–  Thomas Tyrrell

     Tree Man 


–  Amanda Saint



–  Maxine Rose Munro



–  Charlie Hill


  November 1987


–  Sue Spiers











–  Mark Mayes










 Corn Dolly


–  Sarah Doyle











–  Hugh Dunkerley

New Town


–  Calum Kerr


Submissions are open and we would love to read your stories and poems about the countryside. For more details, click the Submissions button.



We are seeking work that has a rural element – of  woodland, field, river, pond, lake or beach, maybe a rocky crag or a chalk stream, or a patch of green grass or a copse of nettles and brambles. The work doesn’t need to be about conservation or environmental issues –  that is up to you.

More details of deadlines and word counts are on the Submissions page. We hope that you will consider submitting your work to us, and we will read it carefully and kindly.

Why are we doing this?

We are writers who love the countryside, and we want to stop the kind of reckless development that will destroy our gorgeous green land; we want to conserve it for future generations. Of course we need houses but we also need to protect wildlife and retain these pockets of peacefulness where we can walk our dogs or jog or cycle or build dens, play or paint, or simply wander and think.

Our plan is to make a stir!

Join us.

Click the button for submission guidelines.




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